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Spa treatments

“BACHINOVO” SPA RITUAL - Sensitive feeling of graceful hydration and removing of the fatigue. We guarantee, that you’ll have the feeling as if you were reborn. This aroma- therapeutic ritual will tone your muscles and relieve all kinds of pain after the long and tiring day.

GOURMET TREATMENT WITH FOREST FRUITS - Fragrant sweet-scented bouquet of forest fruits, which includes nine active components combined with relaxing gourmet treatment, that makes the skin velvet-smooth. Rich consistence of products with strong antioxidant and regeneration effect. Incredible scent lasting for hours. The treatment begins with cleaning of the skin with gentle blueberry scrub, followed by a relaxing massage with warm blueberry gel. The skin receives plenty of vitamins and dietary elements combined with natural fresh scent. It follows then the fruit body mask, which transforms in aromatic foam in the bathtub. It may seem unusual, but they will offer you to apply a final fructose cream by yourself in order to enjoy the remarkable effect of silky soft, smooth and youthful skin.

“Natural Coconut” GOURMET TREATMENT - The treatment is appropriate for sensitive and delicate skin, balances your complexion. It includes peeling with natural coconut flakes, immersed in oil bath of jojoba and olives. The treatment is complemented by the gentle and delicate coconut massage oil and coconut mask. It is good for chronic fatigue, chronic skin problems, improves sleep.

SPA RITUAL WITH ROSE BLOSSOMS AND ESSENTIAL OILS BOUQUET - Luxury whole body massage with massage gel with honey and roses and aromatic herbal oil, body wrapping with Rose blossoms mask.

"HONEY AND MILK" SPA RITUAL WITHOUT PEELING - Rejuvenating and renewing ritual with delicate skin smoothing effect. Body wiping with honey foam, milk and honey mask, massage with warm honey and milk.

“BULGARIAN YOGHURT" SPA THERAPY - Active, regenerating, purifying and rejuvenating therapy on the basis of Bulgarian yoghurt.

SPA THERAPY WITH COFFEE - Gentle therapy with natural coffee with a softening, nourishing and slimming effect . It includes steam bath, peeling, mask and massage with moisturizing cream.

"CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION'' SPA THERAPY - During the therapy, thanks to the endorphins that are released by the brain not only do you receive emotional pleasure, but you provide your body with health, youth and beauty, as well.

“BULGARIAN ROSE“ REJUVENATING THERAPY - "One Bulgarian Rose ...", a detachment of all human problems, concerns and taking the soul into a world of fragrant roses! ... like the feeling of being in love, a dream that has come true!

“IN VINO VERITAS” EXHILARATING THERAPY - "In vino veritas" or "wine is the key to youth and health". The invigorating grape juice has unique characteristics that slow down skin aging and give pleasure to the soul.

"THE MAGIC OF HERBS" COMBINATION THERAPY - Body peeling with natural herbal scrub followed by a relaxing massage with herbal massage oil and body wrapping. The combination is unique, thanks to the three-layer herbal mask that hydrates and regenerates the skin and gives it softness and shine!

"MILK AND HONEY, WITH HOT HONEY AND HERBAL BODY PEELING" SPA RITUAL - Purifying and detoxifying therapy for radiant skin with warm herbal honey peeling, body wrapping with milk and honey mask, massage with honey and milk.

NOURISHING THERAPY WITH HONEY - It is an elixir for the body, it nourishes, softens and gives shine to the skin.

HAMMAM MASSAGE - Oriental Hammam is a procedure by which the entire body is cleaned from the surface layer of dead cells. You will have the opportunity to feel the warmth of the marble stone, steam, humidity and the effect of sea massage in an authentic atmosphere.

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