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Four-hands massage

RELAXING MASSAGE - It has a calming influence, removes the tension and improves the restorative powers. It restores the vitality of the body and tones the muscles, promotes blood circulation, stimulates lymph flow and makes the connective tissue of the joints more elastic. It strengthens the overall physical condition. The mild and smooth movements characteristic of the relaxing massage are a true delight for the senses.

EXHILARATING THERAPY "IN VINO VERITAS" - "In vino veritas" or "wine is the key to youth and health" The invigorating grape juices have unique characteristics that slow down skin aging and give pleasure to the soul. Grapes are rich in glucose, fructose, vitamins C, A, P and B, trace elements and amino acids. The large amount of polyphenols, connect free radicals and protect the skin from aging and facilitate the neutralization of the adverse environmental factors.

PASHA - Pasha Ritual massage is performed in the Turkish bath. The body is heated in combination with aromatherapy with fragrant oils. It is followed by peeling with kese eliminating 100% of all the dead cells. Then the body is covered with fragrant foam under the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of music. The massage is performed by two therapists.

RITUAL "PEARL OF THE BOSPHORUS" - This ritual starts with an exotic body scrub with aromatic Turkish coffee, Turkish bath filled in by two therapists working in harmony with each other.. It follows four-hands massage with special cosmetic chocolate / dry and dehydrated skin /. The pleasure of the point foot massage, turning into lymphatic drainage of the whole feet harmonizes with the healing massage of the back and head. The procedure ends with a four-hands washing ritual with foam.

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